I had a great maternity photo shoot with a lovely couple expecting their first child a few months ago. They’re a young and fun couple who I’ve known for the past 6 years.
They wanted something different from the conventional maternity shoot; one that usually is semi nude and involve flowers and soft feminine elements.
Knowing this, we agreed to meet in Blagden Alley in the Shaw neighborhood in downtown Washington. The fast changing neighborhood is newly decorated with with street art coffee shops amongst older buildings.
A perfect backdrop to push the boundaries and showcase their excitement !
We used the colorful murals of the street art and rustic garage doors as backgrounds. My favorite capture is the photo background that reads “Words, Beats & Life.” Michael, the future father to be, is very much into music so I thought this background was perfect. And did I mention they love the city? They wanted their shoot to reflect their tastes and love for the urban environment where they live.
We utilized my favorite light- the golden hour. The light between 5pm-6:30 is perfect lighting for a romantic and intimate shoot such as this one. I used my new and favorite 50mm fixed lens and opened it to 1.2 for many frames to get a painterly effect with the background.
One of the most important elements in a photo shoot is getting the clients to feel comfortable. Once they were confident we had all the elements to make the shoot successful, they trusted me to bring it all together.
I would say we did just that !
Congratulations to Elif and Michael for welcoming their son Simion a few months ago.
They will have this shoot to treasure and remember their joy for a lifetime.