I got excited when my friend Tara sent me a photo of her newly shaved haircut a few weeks ago. We’ve known each other for 7 years now, and she understands how one idea or look can inspire me to to make new images. The matte raisin lip color she was wearing was the perfect touch too, so I told her right away,  “We need to shoot you like this!”  The ever changing chameleon that she is, I had no idea when she’d decide to change her look again and I didn’t want to waste time.

As you can tell from my work, I am very inspired by certain eras of fashion. Particularly 40’s and 50’s. Very understated and elegant glamour. Where tailoring is absolutely everything.

I had these two navy blue pieces in my closet and I thought we should use these to create a film noir mood. One is an extremely special find; a Tom Ford Gucci navy velvet and satin tuxedo and a backless ASOS dress. Both were bought secondhand and two signature looks that I like to covet myself.

With her hair and makeup like this, I knew I wanted the light to be very strong. Preferably through a window.
Luckily I had the sun shining bright that day, but also the help of an HMI light.

After I did some HD makeup and she slicked back her hair we quickly started shooting.  A video crew was filming us in action for a behind the scenes video for me too !

I love both of these looks so much, I could’ve shot for hours !!!

It was a great day of collaboration. Anytime I can create with someone of like minded vision, I get really excited.
And I don’t think anyone I know can showcase these timeless looks better than Tara herself.

Don’t you agree ?