On October 19th, I was honored to be featured as one of six artists for the launch of SUPERFIERCE, a traveling art exhibit hosted by female artists paying it forward.
The exhibition and mentorship program, which highlights female artists is the brainchild of fine art painter and Swatchroom COO Maggie O’Neill.

I have admired Maggie’s work for many years but never knew her personally. Her design firm has helped revamp this city with over 28 restaurant projects and her oil paintings are highly collectable.

Since my Women Of Colour, exhibition last year, I didn’t have any plans to exhibit my work or create more work for exhibition. Maggie approached me last May about her concept and asked if I’d like to be involved.  Of course I gave her an enthusiastic YES once she explained what Superfierce was all about.

The launch event which took place at The National Museum Of Women in The Arts, was a dream come true for me.
I have always wanted to have my work in a museum and one which honors women artists is a perfect place to start.

The event was sold out with more than 450 attendees ! We raised money for an incredible organization E-Beauty, raised awareness about the lack of female artists showcased in the art world, started a mentorship program for up and coming artists, and showcased local and national female artists.
 can say without a doubt it was VERY successful!

Here are some photos below of what you missed if you weren’t there.

ALSO some very generous press I got leading up to the event you can read here:


I’m very much looking forward to being a part of the evolution of Superfierce!
With more Superfierce exhibitions planned for New York, L.A, and Dallas we are off to a great start !