On April 19th, I was honored to have my work included at The National Museum of Women In The Arts 30th Anniversary Gala and auction.
Since the blockbuster ‘SUPERFIERCE‘ event at this past October, the museum received more submissions from the time they opened in 1987 !
I think it’s fair to say our event and message made quite an impact.
In February I got a very exciting email asking if I, as well as the other Superfierce artists would like to participate in the auction.
Of course my response was a resounding yes! It’s an incredible honor to have my work at the only museum in the country dedicated solely to women artists. And to be here twice in a six month period, I was over the moon!
The night went very well and I had the great honor to meet NMWA founder Ms. Wilhelmina Cole Holladay.

A photographer from The Washington Post happened to capture her and I in front of my works, as well as her looking, pointing and smiling at one in particular which really made my night 🙂
I had no idea it would end up in the Style section of the Post and days later there it was!
Talk a magical moment in time captured on film !

I am excited to share that SUPERFIERCE will continue with new artists, events and a month long exhibition coming this Fall at Blind Whino.
I’m humbled and excited to be on this journey. The message and mission of Superfierce is to create a support system for female artists to grow as both creators and business owners, and to give back to other women in their professional communities.
I am positive that we are continuing Ms. Holladay’s vision.