When you think of Ibiza the first thing that comes to mind is probably clubbing to the sound of ntz ntz ntz and pill popping right ? Even I had the same notion about the island before traveling there, but I knew I was in good hands that would show me many of island’s unknown gems. The first thing that I want to say about Ibiza (pronounced E-beetha) but all the natives, is how mystical it is. From the people to the places I saw, it was evident that there is an inherent spirituality there. Being from Greece I expected it to look similar to the Greek Islands. And there was definitely a similarity in the overall look of the landscape. But what was different in Ibiza was the energy and the earthy quality of each person I met. The vibe is more gypsy and extrmely bohemian. A hippie wonderland of sorts. I didn’t only find the people of Ibiza to be portrait-worthy beautiful, but people that are connected to the earth. People that live for authentic moments and a high regard for the incredible natural beauty surrounding them. The landscapes and portraits I shot are from my Yaschica D medium format film camera and a few portraits are from an Olympus digital camera with a 50mm 1.8 lens. After a recent back injury (yes photoshoot related!), I wanted to travel light with my gear for this trip. I brought 4 rolls of Kodak 160 Portra film and borrowed my colleague’s Olympus. It was my first time using the Olympus and the 1.8 lens definitely came in handy in a few low light situations where I needed to capture some portraits. Ibiza is definitely a place I want to explore more of and I would recommend you do the same. Just as Mykonos is known as the party island of the Cyclades islands in Greece, many locals and Greeks know it to be a completely different island. Ibiza, yes, is a place where you can hear the best DJ’s from around the world. But you could also skip the music and club scene and explore the incredible beaches and natural beauty of the landscapes and the people. As a photographer and music enthusiast, a little bit of both for me is ideal. 🙂