I am overwhelmed at the outpouring of support for the Women Of Colour series ! Both the opening reception and closing were a smashing success with over 250 attending the events.

The portrait series, featuring six of Washington’s most fashion forward women garnered praise and rave reviews. “Inspiring”, “thought provoking” and “bold” were some of the comments overheard during the events.

The exhibition- my first in nearly four years, has been a labour of love. Women of Colour is a portrait series but also an investigation of many issues facing women today.
One on one interviews from each subject printed underneath each portrait was a surprise to all attendees. The portraits aimed to capture the strength of each women, and their words brought their journey to light.

I am hoping that the series will travel to other art spaces and galleries and eventually expand to include more women from DC as well as different parts of the country.
For now, the expansion of WOC is work in progress. But I am happy and grateful at what has come about from the series thus far.

Sincerely grateful to the women for letting me capture them and to share their journey and their individual stories of courage.

The exhibition is still on display at 1515 14th St NW Washington DC Suite 200.

A very special thank you to Jordan Monroe at the Monroe Trust for hosting the work and to FOTOWEEK DC for sponsoring our closing event.

Here’s a peak at what you missed if you were’t there.

Photos by Tom Wolff and Jefrey Adres Wright (plus Iphone photos from some guests 🙂 )